One4Support Online Backup Services


A backup is a spare copy of the data on your PC, server or laptop. Traditionally a backup is made on tape. This is a method plagued with many inherent problems and risks which has shown to provide only modest reliability at best.

With One4Support Online Backup Services One4Support introduces a state of the art and safe alternative to backup on tape. Instead of writing data to tape, your data is sent to our data centres using your internet connection, protected by industrial strength encryption.

One4Support Online Backup has many advantages over traditional tape backup. It is highly cost effective, safe, and reliable. It also offers much more frequent and therefore up to date backups of your precious data.


To us the safety and confidentiality of your data are paramount. Your data is always completely encrypted before transferring out of your organisation and subsequently kept encrypted on the One4Support servers at all times.

For maximum security we use 128 bits AES encryption, the current standard of the American Government and the Ministry of  Defence. The transfer of your already encrypted data is again through a secure connection, providing double encryption. Furthermore, the One4Support data centres are secured and well guarded environments. No one, not even One4Support itself, has access to your data without the encryption keys which are known only to yourself.


Online backup is executed automatically, making it impossible to forget. Independent of any human involvement your backups will continue through weekends and holiday periods. Backups are automatically checked for integrity and you will receive prompt email reports.

Your backup is replicated across multiple One4Support data centres spread over different locations. This measure guarantees your data will survive any calamity, not only in your organisation but even with One4Support itself.

Current backups

It is very important that your backup is as up to date as possible. In case of a restoration you will minimise the cost of data loss and reprocessing the data. One4Support Online Backup Service offers you the possibility of unlimited backup operations: daily, hourly or every 10 minutes. The choice is yours.

Ease of use

One4Support Online Backup offers easy access to preceding versions of your data; days, weeks or even months old. The complexities of rebuilding your data are taken care of by our service. The software on your computer is very easy to use and learn. So easy in fact that restoration of common files can easily be handled by end-users without further support of your IT staff


One4Support Online Backup is your single solution to backup all data on all your systems. Besides regular files, the software handles a variety of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. It also handles Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

It makes no difference if data has to be backed up from your desktop PC, server or laptop. One4Support Online Backup can be used on all current operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Netware and Sun Solaris.

Cost savings

Your only remaining expense is a subscription fee per system. Rates are only depending on required storage capacity, not on type of system or type of data. You eliminate the costs of purchasing and maintaining tape drives, tapes, off-siting, external storage, and all backup software. Modules for Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle,  Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes are included at no extra costs.

You will also save significant amounts of time. Chores like changing tapes, maintaining backup schedules, and shipping tapes to an external location are all history. Additionally the restoration of files is much quicker and does not require your end-users to wait for your IT staff.

In all One4Support Online Backup can save up to 50 % in costs compared to traditional tape based backup scenarios.


One4Support Online Backup offers significant advantages compared to traditional tape backup solutions. It is safer, and more reliable, keeps your backups more current and does all this at a significantly reduced cost.