Remote IT Management (RITM)


Product Specifications

The One4Support Remote IT Management System (RITM) is a remote desktop and server management platform that integrates key IT management functions within a single web-based solution.
It provides for proactive management and security of computers, their applications and data, and the network connection they utilize to reach the Internet. The features themselves cover a range of capabilities, including: audit and inventory management; remote application installation; network, file and application security, remote control and NT event log processing. Email alerts can be triggered on any event from the feature list. Additionally a rich set of reports can be run as needed.

Remote IT Management Solutions

The One4Support solution provides essential tools for supporting networked PCs at businesses of all sizes and types:

These features are integrated into a scalable and flexible platform. The innovative architecture of the One4Support Remote IT Management System (RITM) gives the IT professional the ability to deliver these management services to computers that are behind firewalls - even when the management console itself is behind a firewall. Moreover, the sophisticated yet unobtrusive security system insures that only authorized administrators get system access. The secure encrypted communication infrastructure between the agent and the server is highly efficient, built to conserve bandwidth and insure privacy. In fact, it was designed to work across all available bandwidth options, from dial-up to high-speed network interfaces, and across wired or wireless topologies.

Audit and Inventory Management

Recurring audits capture the following:

Installation & Patch Management

The installation facility provides:

Help Desk and Trouble Ticketing

Remote Control, FTP, Chat

Policy Management and Protection

The One4Support solution provides multiple levels of policy management and protection:

Event Log Monitoring

 System Monitoring

Programmable email alerts provide instant notification of system problems or state changes.

Alert when:


Generate reports on any or all activities related to the managed computers
Disk utilization report shows size and remaining free space at a glance
Update Report graphically displays machine usage history
H/W and S/W audit reports
Network statistics reports provide information on the aggregate network bandwidth, measured by time, user and application.
Offers both tabular and graphical representations of information.


Rich scripting facility automates task for the administrator
Works in concert with the Windows Scripting Host and custom applications
Pull-down menu and "fill-in-the-blank" interface enables even a novice to create scripts.

One4Support RITM Services

Step by step


For all new customers, interested in subscribing to our services,  the One4Support partner  provides One4Support with a Fact Finder Sheet, and requests One4Support to conduct a Health Check scan on the server / systems customer wishes to be supported.  

This requires the installation of the One4Support software agent on those systems.   One4Support installs the agent only when the One4Support  partner is present on-site.

The One4Support  partner connects to the secured section of the  One4Support internet site,  from where the agent can easily be downloaded to be installed on the designated systems.

Upon installation of the agent, One4Support has remote access to those systems, and the Health Check will be configured and the scan started.   The time required to perform a Health Check scan depends largely on system performance and number of systems in the network. One4Support recommends to scan systems during one week.  A built-in wizard generates scripts to automatically deploy patches and applications.

The Health Check scan provides One4Support with a perfect overview of the actual condition and health of the network and its computer systems.  Based on the scan details, One4Support  can compile a comprehensive and detailed Health Check Report, including recommendations to improve performance and security. 

To allow One4Support to provide the highest level of remote support service, we insist that customer server / systems and network configurations comply with minimum levels of hardware, software, and configuration requirements as outlined in the applicable Service Level Agreement (SLA) .   

Upon signature of the RITM orderform, One4Support immediately starts the support and service on the contracted systems.

Helpdesk & Trouble Ticketing

With the icon for the installed agent, found in the lower left corner of the screen, users immediately have access to our web-based ticketing system.  Users do not need IT knowledge to enter a trouble ticket.  With a click of the mouse button, they can create a ticket and report a problem, ask a question, and send it to our Support Team. 

As soon as the ticket is received, it is placed in a database on the One4Support server, and is assigned to one of our IT Specialists for response and resolution. A policy based notification system alerts user, as well as his One4Support Partner to new and/or modified tickets.  One4Support partners also have the possibility to modify and respond to ticket messages entered by users and / or One4Support Specialists.