Safety Warranty

Guaranteed Know-How and Expertise

All One4Support employees are highly qualified. Our IT Specialists are required to work at Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE) level or higher.

Our software is developed by experts with many years experience in the development of safe IT systems, for government organizations, as well as for business applications.

Maximum Security

For One4Support confidentiality and safety are paramount. Your company details are considered to be confidential information. One4Support guarantees that it will not make this data available to any third party outside the One4Support organisation.

The software used is guaranteed to be not intrusive to your systems but only monitors, records and evaluates the functioning of the Operating System, network and security of the contracted computer systems.

One4Support does not access your data. When you request us to solve a problem with your computer systems, all work done by our IT Specialists is completely transparent. On your computer screen you can follow every action they take.

One4Support software operates solely based on outbound data to prevent hackers to gain access through our secure connection. As the software does not accept any inbound connection through the internet, it is impossible for third parties to abuse the system.

One4Support software is protected against any intercept of data. All data is movement between the software agent and our servers is encrypted with 256-bit RC4 encryption. This is twice the security level of Internet banking (usually 128-bits encryption).

One4Support has no conflicts with any firewall because the software does not need to open any ports for incoming data on your systems. This means that our software can work on any system or network configuration and that your security systems will not suggest any burgling attempt.

All One4Support employees are contractually bound to safeguarding the privacy of our customers.

As additional protection, our system is designed for our IT Specialists to obtain your approval, prior to performing any corrective action on your systems. You are able to disconnect the connection whenever required.