Fact Finder Sheet health check scan software agent ticketing system An in-depth analysis of designated systems or networks producing a comprehensive overview of all hardware and software, as well as history and status of software patches, backups, software licenses. Executes a series of tests and monitors a number of system logs. The scan is not intrusive to the system(s) it monitors and ideally should run for 5 – 12 workdays. A document that is completed by the partner/reseller together with a representative of the (prospective) client. All relevant company information is registered as well as providing a preliminary overview of the IT environment; it also offers an opportunity to indicate intentions as to future IT strategy and/or to specify a hard/software wishlist. It is a non-binding document which, if the company decides not to continue with a trial or contract, will be destroyed by One4Support. This is the preferred way to request assistance from the One4Support technical support group. Each Server/PC/Notebook covered by the Remote Management agreement will have a little program installed (see: Software Agent) which acts as a system-monitor as well as a ticket mechanism. All the user needs to do is to click the icon and type a description of the problem. The ticket is instantly dispatched to the support group where it will be assigned to one of the technicians to resolve the problem. The partner/reseller also receives a copy of the ticket. In order to perform a health check, a program is installed which is able to register and report all vital information on the hard and software environment. After the scan has been completed and a health check report produced the agent remains in place to facilitate communications between the user and the technical support department. Agents are installed remotely by downloading from one of the One4Support servers; the partner must be on-site for the initial installation of agents.