New! One4Support features antispam.

With the One4Support domain you can filter the email for your domain names at the highest possible level on both spam and viruses. All email will first be processed by our filter SMTP servers. All not spam email will then be delivered on to your normal email exchange SMTP servers. All you have to do to activate this product is to contact us. No other user actions are required.

One4Support AntiSpam features:

Automatic self-learning system

Based on spam information collected from hundred thousands  of our Anti spam : the exclusive spam database will always be up-to-date with the latest antispam information, feeding its self-learning engines, and allowing One4Support Antispam to block your spam emails at all times thanks to the highly accurate and up-to-date spam intelligence

Advanced filtering technologies

Best-practice and in-hous developed filtering technologies are optimally configured to operate with each other in a unique fashion. Key technologies employed are:

No good email gets lost

The Antispam system is set up in such a way that no good email ever gets llost. Legimate senders will receive notification when their email has been rejected by the initial antispam technologies. In case the filtering system determines that the sending party does not demonstrate any suspicious email-sending behavior, emails are passed on to the next filtering technologies. The emails that were marked as spam by this second phase of the filtering prcess are all caught in a special IMAP folder that you can view all times. Any emails blocked as spam in this folder can next be released into your inbox in case you do want to receive them. Whenever the system is unsure whether an email is spam or not spam, it will be tagged as such and delivered to your server.

Spam and viruses never get on to your network

Both spam and viruses are stopped at our servers and will not reach your own email server(s). In this way, harmful viruses will never be able to infect your IT infrastructure.


Reduced load on your existing infrastructure

Fallback mail servers at different geographical locations. Antispam from One4Support includes the free use of our fallback mail server system. Our servers are located in high quality datacenters spread over multiple geographical locations. Whenever one of our servers would be down, the other server will automatically take over the filtering.

Email Queing

Whenever our servers cannot deliver the email to your destnination mail server (for example because your server could be temporarily down), your email will be safely queued for up to 4 days and will be regularly retried to be delivered. This way you can be assured that no email ever gets lost. We can notify you automatically about issues on your side.

No training required

Because One4Supports collects real-time data from many Antispam users world wide there is no need for you to train the filtering system.

No settings tuning required

One4Support will automatically tune the filters to optimally block spam and viruses. There is no need for the user to tune settings to change the spamfilter technologies.

Unlimited users/domain aliases

Contrary to may server side filters these days our spamfilter doe not have limited users or domainaliases

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