Sound Familiar?

IT Professionals

You are eager to expand your business, but supporting your existing customers takes up all your valuable time.

IT issues seem to show up simultaneously at different locations, and you cannot be in two places at the same time.

Customers need their IT problems solved IMMEDIATELY, but users are not pleased when you need to use their computer to do so.

It is almost impossible to adhere to a schedule, no matter how hard you try. Some emergency always pops up unexpectedly.

More personnel might solve some of the above, but they would need training and you cannot afford the time and the costs.

IT Users

Even the smallest IT issue I report seems to take forever to get solved.

Every call to the support desk seems to be an exercise in patience, they always claim I did something wrong!

Why do updates and backups have to be done while I am working ?

I cannot run my business without my computer! My computer MUST always run perfectly .

Why don′t I get advance warning that something is about to go wrong?

I cannot afford to loose any data, but backup systems are expensive, and then I am still not sure the data can be restored when I need it!


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